Genece Hamby Bio

Genece Hamby is an award winning digital artist since 2007.
From the start of her fine art career, her digital paintings were created
without the use of any photographs or scanned images. She preferred
to paint from scratch allowing her imagination and skillful techniques to guide
 her artwork. Between 2008 to 2015, Genece traveled the country showcasing her
 works through art festivals.  Today, she continues to sell her digital
paintings and commissioned art locally and through online galleries.

In 2016, Genece evolved her art career to include surface design.
A deep passion for patterns and prints, she expresses the most current trends
 in bold color and shapes through her unique designs. Currently, she is collaborating
 with interior designers, fashion manufacturers and custom furniture designers, providing
 them with surface designs that reflects their product and project brand identity.

Prior to her art career, Genece was a branding and marketing communications consultant
for 30+ years servicing small business, corporations, non-profits and solo entrepreneurs.
She was the founder of a personal branding program, working with professionals worldwide.
In 2007, she sold the business to a client in Australia in order to devote
her time caring for her elderly Mother until her passing in 2010.

A fun fact: Genece believes her natural talents in digital art
comes from years of drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch!
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